Wedding Q&A

Frequently asked Questions;

Q – Can we get a quotation?

A – Yes, If you send us the relevant information, such as the date of your event, location of the venue, what is required in regards to the band and disco, or band only, Lighting, PA system etc… Please Contact us here.

Q – Where can we hear you play?

A – Most of the work we do is playing at wedding receptions. Some people do come along and sit outside the room to listen. This can be a very hit or miss way to judge any band, as it depends on the type of crowd the band are entertaining on the night. One crowd might be into Country music, and the next crown might not, That is why the band have to adapt there and then to the situation. We do play small gigs in bars and Hotel lounges, but again this is very different to what we do at a wedding. We have added some video’s on the Video page, and hope this will give you an idea of the type of music and setup we provide.

Q – Do you travel far?

A- Yes, We travel Nation wide.

Q – What kind of music do you cover?

A We cover  a lot of different genres of music, and we adapt or set to suit the audience in front of us.  We do not work to a set program also we are always open to requests.  We have added a sample of some of the songs we cover to the set list page.  We will also provide background music at the start of the night and during the buffet as we find it helps to build up and keep the atmosphere going. Also remember never to underestimate the importance of your older guests and their style of music at your wedding reception, these people are usually the most willing to occupy the dance floor early in the night.

Q – We need a DJ, can you provide both the Band and the Disco?

A Yes we can, and we can go from being a live band to being a disco with no time wasted in changing over. Everything is set up from the start of the night, so when we finish the live set, with a big finale, then it’s straight into the disco to keep the party going.

Q – Presentation?

 A- The overall presentation of the band is a high priority and encompasses such areas as dress, sound, lighting, punctuality and reliability.  With formal stage wear for formal settings and smart casual attire for more informal occasions.

Q – How long do you play for?

A – Usually at a wedding we will play for two hours live, and for another two hours with the disco, depending on what time we are allowed to get started. This may vary depending on what way the event is running.  We will work along with the Hotel staff and everyone involved.
(please note that most Hotels do have a finishing time for entertainment).

Q – What time do you start?

A- We do not hold you to a starting time. If you let us know the time your meal is booked for, then we will be ready in the back round to set uo as soon as the stage and room is ready.

Q – Can you hold a date for me?

A – The policy for booking is that the first person to pay a Booking fee will get the date. The balance must be paid on or before the day of the wedding.
If we do not receive confirmation within two weeks after an enquiry has been made, then it will be deleted, unless other arrangements have been made.

Terms and Conditions:


 Should you have to change your date, we will be happy to work with you to find another available date.

All balances to be paid in cash on or before the date of reception.

Thank you.

Q – Can we have guests up to sing?

A – Yes of course you can. During our show, there is no problem with guest singers performing and if needed we will provide backing music, but because this is your special day, Singers will only be invited up at the request of the bride and groom. Though we do find that too many may spoil the flow of the day.

Q – Do the The Cavanagh Brothers work through an agent?

A – No. We are under our own management.  You deal directly with us so there are no middle men, and this also means we can keep our prices realistic.

Q – How can I book The Cavanagh Brothers Band and Disco?

A – It’s very easy, just contact Colm on 0035386 3099034, or send a text to see if your date is available. If we are available for your date, then all we need are a few details;

The Bride and Grooms name?
Name and location of the venue that the reception will be held in?
Your contact details, phone number/ e.mail address?
These few details, together with a booking deposit are all we require to confirm your booking.

Q – How do I pay the Booking fee?

A- There are a few ways, eithers by arranging to meet us, Bank Transferee, Revolut, or you can pay the deposit by clicking here on our PayPal link

As soon as we receive the booking fee, we will send you a confirmation receipt.

Please feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.